Chocolate Valentine

Don’t Break my Heart Chocolate Valentine Bark


Sometimes the mind is more meaningful than real life. For example, in my opinion, that looked great, and when I showed Rob the final product, he was enthusiastic about his beauty and cleanliness (he was also more enthusiastic about him :). Then he asked what the hammer was used for … well, sorry.

So I have a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift with a heart shaped chocolate bark. I mean, chocolate bark is easy to make and easy to shape. When I saw an 8-inch heart-shaped cake pan on Amazon, I went. When I realized this would be the best shape for a chocolate bark on Valentine’s Day, I thought it was like Donkey Kong.

So I did my own thing. I am proud of myself. As I imagined in my head. Then asked Rob, “Why do you grieve someone on Valentine’s Day?” Claude.

But I still share it and I still insist. I call it Bark “Don’t Break My Heart” on Valentine’s Day, and insist it as a very nice little gift. Beside the bed … Although he found a flaw in the concept, Rob said the bark was “amazing” and “very interesting”. So let’s move on!

Draw a hammer freely. I put a little pink enamel in the middle of the handle. You can really fancy it or keep it simple. If you are concerned about the paint coming into contact with food, you can also leave a hammer in place.

Fill the heart-shaped pan completely (I did not use a sprayer), then put the chocolate on a microwave heating plate. These are pink melting melted wilton, and they are good …

Microwave every 15 to 30 seconds (depending on the microwave density) and stir completely between the two. Once the chocolate is almost melted but still visible, it will not be returned to the microwave. It’s overcooked, so you don’t need to add more heat, just move the chocolate to melt anything that’s still solid. Pour in and painful bottom. Gently press the pan onto a stable surface, such as a countertop, to make it flat.

Continue layering, straightening, and tapping until you are satisfied with the size / color. Here I am using chocolate chips for any other purpose, but the results were not perfect. I will continue to use melted chocolate chips. At room temperature, the top layer of chocolate in crumbs becomes too soft to be broken. You can also suggest keeping it in the refrigerator until it’s ready to eat so it explodes cleanly no matter what chocolate you use

Sprinkle some pretty chocolate at the end (you may need to push the big things down a bit).
Put the chocolate in the refrigerator to fully adjust it, or leave it for a few hours at least.
After applying the chocolate, place your hands gently on the bark and pour the shape of the chocolate heart out of the saucepan.
Check it out now! Isn’t this super cute?


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